Calboy - Unjudge Me (Official Video) ft. Moneybagg Yo

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“Unjudge Me” Lyrics

Unjudge me cause they don’t kno that i been broke and I’m just hustling
I grip this nine don’t loose ya mind don’t loose yo mind I’ll kill them trust me
These niggas fu and bitches change so I’m not trusting
Don’t say you love me this shit get ugly
So i grip this nine don’t loose ya mind I’ll kill them trust me
these niggas fu and these bitches change so I’m not trusting
These bitches they like honesty so I’m not trusting

I remember days of living broke I remember sleeping on the floor
Told my brothers ain’t no loosing hope all my friends are dead and they old
What you need i ain’t tripping bitch i got it we might catch em slipping then it’s tragic
Reach up to the stars gotta have it we was six deep on the mattress
On the ten speed that was traffic now i got a little more tent speeding in traffic (skirt skirt skirt skirt)
I’m not what you need I’m a savage i sing to my fully automatic


I been broke to the point that i ain’t even wanna breathe no more (I was at my lowest)
Stealing out the store sleeping on my cousin floor (I remember)
Now I’m up n it feel like err body give a fuck (since when)
I was looking for some love but i ain’t get enough ( back then )
They ain’t wanna see me win (nope) now they ask if i remember
No u gotta meet me again (Now) thought i Neva leave the country
All these felonies (federal) scared to hit licks wit niggas cause they might bail on me ((Gone) or worse tell on me (damn)
Man this shit get ugly (it do) i been thru some shit u might not wanna love me (I’m heartless)
Outlaw screaming thug life only god can judge me (Me)
This for all the hoes that played around when i was dusty (BITCH) didn’t wanna fuck me (Hey)


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