Every Reference To Hailey Baldwin In Justin Bieber Songs

Hints in Justin Bieber music that he was always in love with Hailey Baldwin.
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Every try and stay calm, Justin Bieber is engaged to none other than model Hailey Baldwin! The couple got engaged in the Bahamas on July 7th, 2018 and are now proudly flaunting their love...oh and that giant ring! The Biebs and Baldwin are the it Hollywood couple and their marriage is one we can’t wait for now! However, this engagement was a long time coming. From his album, “Purpose” to his single “Something Beautiful,” Bieber has made references to Baldwin all the way along. Dropping references in “No Sense,” “No Pressure,” “Mark My Words,” “Sorry,” and “What Do You Mean,” to name a few contain references to the love of his life. Justin and Baldwin have been friends for years before and now their timeline has so much meaning to us. With Justin’s Instagram posts of their kisses and their New Years Eve’s spent together, we’re just so happy this is finally happening! Since 2015, Bieber has been hinting at his love for Baldwin since they broke up and clearly it was all meant from the heart.

Want to see all the hints, secrets, and messages hidden in Justin’s songs about Baldwin? Watch this video to see every lyric that was about her and the songs that were for her! Strap on your dancing shoes and let’s get listening to Biebs!