How to get the middle of the apple? You need a syringe. Cut the top of the syringe and you will get a device for cutting out fruits and vegetables. With the help of such a cutter you can make fruit canap├ęs for a party. How to cut sausages fast? Make a device for cutting sausages from a syringe and dental floss. How to make a simple and tasty dessert? Banana with Nutella is always a good option. Take out the middle of a whole banana using a straw, then fill the hole with Nutella with a syringe.

How to make a camping sink? Use a syringe and a plastic bottle. How to decorate the walls in interesting way? Put the paint in the syringe and squeeze a drop on the wall. It will gently crawl down, forming a flat strip. You can alternate different colors and shades.

With the help of a syringe and epoxy resin, you can create unusual jewelry to give to your girlfriend, mother, sister or daughter. You can make bracelets, pendants, earrings. You can also make interesting cup coasters. You can make a portable wood burner with a battery and two needles from a syringe with which you can decorate wooden objects.


1:50 How to decorate walls
2:31 Epoxy resin jewelry DIY
4:35 Wood burner DIY
6:24 How to cut kiwi beautifully?
8:37 Bookshelf DIY
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