Where to store razors in the bathroom so that they do not rust? Make holders for razors from a plastic tube. You can also store razors in a plastic container, putting a bag of silica gel there. How to protect razor blades? Use essential oil.

I'll show you how to tie a tie in 10 seconds, how to care for shoes, how to care for clothes. To make leather shoes shine, rub them with banana peels. To whiten your shoelaces, place them in Schweppes with peroxide and baking soda. To clean the white sole of sneakers, use an eraser gum. To clean the sneakers from dust, use a vacuum cleaner. To prevent the laces from slipping, rub them with a paraffin candle.

How to save sneakers from bad smell? Mix cornstarch, baking soda, baking mix and a couple of drops of essential oil. Put some of this mixture in your sneakers. I'll show you how to remove chewing gum from jeans, how to remove ink stain, how to remove a stain from red wine, how to remove a stain from ketchup.

I will also show you some unusual methods of sharpening knives, sharpening scissors, sharpening a grater.


00:15 Sharp razor hacks
01:05 Life hacks for your shoes
03:02 How to remove an ink stain
04:28 How to sharpen a knife in no time

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