Life hacks with bananas. How to clean a Turkish coffee pot? Rub it with a banana peel. How to cut a banana without removing the peel? Use a needle. How to tidy leather shoes? Rub them with banana peel. How to cut a banana for fruit salad quickly? Use the grill grate.

How to open a bottle of beer without an opener? Use your girlfriend's eyelash curler. How to scratch your back yourself? Use a monopod and a hairbrush. How to comb a cat or dog? Apply some glue drops to the rubber glove with a glue gun.

Life hacks with condoms. How to make a waterproof case for a smartphone? Use a condom - put it on your smartphone and tie a knot. How to protect the bandage on the hand from getting wet? Use a trimmed condom. How to make an anti-stress ball? Fill the condom with starch.

Life hacks with magnets. How to arrange cables? To prevent cables from tangling, use binders with magnets. How to make unusual fridge magnets? Make mini-pots of plants, this is an unusual decoration for the interior. How to make a bathroom organizer to save space? Put the tape on the end of the shelf and small magnets on the toothbrushes and other small items.


00:35 Cool banana hack
02:52 New uses for a condom
05:28 Awesome magnet trick
06:28 Smart DIY inventions

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