Look for life tricks that make it so much easier! I will show you several hacks right now.

In this video I'll teach you how to peel fruits, go camping, and even get out of handcuffs. I’ve put together 30 such examples. They’re all really simple so anyone can try them, even you!

Can you cook colored scrambled eggs? Now you can. You just need to tint them the natural dye - juice from red cabbage. And the second color? There is a little trick, look.

Do you like hiking? And your girlfriend? Do you know any tricks that will make a camping trip even more pleasant? Keep some. Do not thank. If you’ve forgotten the mosquito repellent, don’t despair. You can make a deadly bait of water and sugar for them. You will also see how to make a grater, mini field kitchen, dispenser for toilet paper, a wash basin, a summer outdoor shower, a camping night light, a waterproof match box and special matches for a fire. For them you’ll need a candle. By the way, it will also help solve the problem with the stuck tent zipper.

Imagine how happy your girlfriend will be with a real shower on a camping trip! And you need for this quite a bit. Hoop, hooks and oilcloth. 5 minutes and you're done! And you’re her hero! ;)

I have a few hacks with a regular plastic bottle. For example, it will help your sweaters not to destroy by hangers. And from it you can make a dispenser for Skittles or M&M’s! Any familiar child will be delighted.

If you have a cat, then most likely there is a problem with toilet paper on the holder. After all, your cat also constantly unwinds it, playing? This is easily solved. You will need a simple plastic bottle again.

And for dessert - a few sweet escape tricks. Who knows where they come in handy? You may have been kidnapped by criminals. And maybe your girlfriend will be in a special mood :) By the way, one detail will help you to open the cuffs, and you can find her right on your girlfriend! Of course, first think well if you need this escape :)

Intrigued? Watch the video and try do it yourself.


0:52 Color scrambled eggs
4:30 Outdoor shower
9:33 Sweet Escape

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