Migos - Cant Go Out Sad (3 Way EP) [Music Video]

Migos - Cant Go Out Sad (3 Way EP) [Music Video]

Migos '3 Way EP' Prod. by Zaytoven, Cassius Jay, Ricky Racks & Dun Deal.

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Migos bring more trap funk -- a sound they know better than anyone else -- on "Can't Go Out Sad," produced by Ricky Racks.
There are few acts in the game that sound as continually fresh as the Migos. They always seem to come with new flows and flavors. Between the three of them, their creative energy knows no bounds. With one excellent project, January's YRN 2, under their Versace belts, the trio surprised fans a couple of nights ago with a brand new EP, 3 Way. Favoring quality over quantity, the project contains just 5 tracks, and there's not a weak one in the bunch. Most of the songs are produced by frequent collaborators of the group -- two by Zaytoven, one by Cassius Jay, and another by Dun Deal. The remaining instrumental, "Can't Go Out Sad," comes from Ricky Racks, who belongs to Young Thug's inner-circle and is responsible for memorable beats like the one on the now-platinum "Best Friend."

On "Can't Go Out Sad," Racks makes use of a cheeky sample that mimics the bouncy flows of the young trio. His production -- slower than usual but dripping with funk -- eases each of the three emcees into a relaxed and confident zone, and they go back and forth dropping off flurries of melodic punchlines that are as charming as they are intimidating.

Stream 3 Way here, and make sure to check out our Behind the Beat profile of Ricky Racks.

Migos - Cant Go Out Sad Lyrics

[Intro: Quavo]
Talk to me
See this day and age, these young niggas getting paid

[Verse 1: Quavo]
Wrist clear, Sprite, yuh
Mike Tyson bite, yuh
Cup real dirty, yuh
Motocross bike, yuh
We don't fist fight
Chopper real light
Double seal tight
Detroit got me right
Piccolo green it's millions, and the old money got mildew
Kick her out 'cause she keep filming
They calling me Bob the Builder
Quavo Paul Pierce em', whip a ball, Wilson
Put my all in that bowl, put my all in it
I want all my dogs to win it
I want all my dogs to win it
Remember my dog was sentenced
No, no, I ain't gon' take it back to the beginning
Just get in the Benz and sit in
(Talk to em'!)
C'mon (Ay!)
(Get in there!)

[Refrain: Quavo]
I got to put you down
Ay man, these niggas goin' out sad
I'm tellin' ya, can't go out bad
Naw, 'specially bout that bitch

[Hook: Quavo]
I'm not goin' out sad
I'm not goin' out sad
I'm not goin' out sad
'Specially bout that bitch
I can't go out sad
I can't go out sad
I can't go out sad
'Specially bout that bitch

[Verse 2: Offset]
Not 'bout the bitch, naw, not 'bout the bitch
She call just for the dick
Aw, lord, don't say this your bitch
I'm young and rich
But I can strong arm a brick
I heard you was born a bitch
Rick Owens, they cost your rent
Pay up, straight up
Told John Wic got to pick the K up
I'ma smash ya but we don't lay up
I'm a bachelor, get ya weight up
From the nawf, bitch you know where we from
Think it's sweet and we pull out a drum
You can be rich and a bum
I want it all, not some
She fucking for fame, for some'
I think she came for money
I swear I ain't hurting for nothing
So I just gave her the money
Hoes in my house like Hugh Heffner
But I'mma slay the bunnies
She goin' insane, she talk' bout my main
Quit sayin' my name lil' mama

[Verse 3: Takeoff]
I can't, go out, sad about no bitch
Who me? Takeoff never mad about no bitch
Depressed, need to get some' off my chest
Ain't stressed about that bitch
She let, me nut on her chest, you still arrest that bitch
Bad, yeah lil' mama bad, you let her get the Jag and crash
That's goin' out sad
You took on her on a date with dad
The question is boy did you smash?


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Migos - Cant Go Out Sad (3 Way EP) [Music Video]
Migos - Cant Go Out Sad (3 Way EP) [Music Video]
Migos - Cant Go Out Sad (3 Way EP) [Music Video]
Migos - Cant Go Out Sad (3 Way EP) [Music Video]