Real Thing (feat. Dante Bowe from Bethel Music) - Maverick City Music | TRIBL Music

Official Music Video for "Real Thing (feat. Dante Bowe from Bethel Music)". Recorded live during a Maverick City Music song share night in Redding, CA.

Stream "Real Thing (feat. Dante Bowe)" from Maverick City Music Vol. 1. Maverick City Music Vol. 2 is out now on all streaming platforms including the TRIBL app now.

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Baby steps my child
To you it may be nothing, but you make daddy proud
Your weakness is only my strength
I know you've got your question,
but I'm closer than you think I promise

Oh I won't let go, Oh I won't let go
I see you right where you are
I'm holding on to your heart

You've been here all this time
Tell me where have I been looking cause, you weren't hard to find Mercy opened my eyes I'm loosing my religion to be loved like a child I promise

I'm done pretending, I want the real thing

Maverick City is a community of songwriters creating a space where worship expression takes precedence over proficiency. As their missions align, Maverick City Music has partnered with TRIBL to share their live videos and songs. TRIBL is an aggregator of these communities and tribes, creating a home for authentic worship moments.